Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Lawn Care Tips

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, it's time to get ready for fall lawn care and fall lawn maintenance that helps prepare your lawn and yard for the long winter.

Follow these fall lawn care tips to make the fall season last as long as possible before winter begins:

During the fall, your lawn is getting ready to go dormant for the winter. Lawn Fertilizing (one part of our Lawn Maintainer Care program) during this period is a vital fall lawn care treatment that provides an extra boost of nutrients that your lawn will store and use during dormancy. Grass roots actually continue to grow underground throughout the winter and rely on the fall lawn care treatment until spring. Try our fall lawn care programs to help.

Power Seeding will increase turf density and improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Local Lawn Doctor fall lawn care and fall lawn maintenance programs use our patented Turf Tamer® power seeder to provide customers with exactly the right amount of seed without damaging existing turf.

A fall lawn care power seeding plan helps lawns recover from heavy use in the summer and it also influences the lawn's look in the following spring. A dense lawn is also the best natural defense against weed and insect damage.

The fall is also a great time to aerate your yard, as part of our fall lawn maintenance program. Lawn Aeration combats grass compaction from summer traffic and encourages the uptake of nutrients and oxygen.

If your lawn is starting to get thin, you can also reseed your grass.

When the leaves start to fall, this is a sign that fall lawn care treatments; raking and blowing the leaves to keep the lawn clean should be done at least once a week. Lawn Doctor fall lawn care programs Keep your lawn leaf-free so your lawn doesn't only look better as part of good fall lawn care; it's also healthier for your lawn to be leaf-free. Leaves block sunlight, which is vital in the fall as the lawn stores food for the dormant winter season.

The fall lawn care season is also one of the best times to have your local Lawn Doctor apply grub control and also apply fall lawn maintenance to check and treat your yard for other pests. If you wait until spring, your turf will suffer. Call your local Lawn Doctor for a FREE Fall Lawn Care Evaluation to find out what's lurking in your grass.

If you're done mowing for the year, use Lawn Doctor fall lawn maintenance to winterize your lawn mower for you. Proper fall lawn care should also include ensuring that your lawn mower is stored safely and ready to go when lawn mowing season begins in the spring.

Application of fall lawn care treatments before the winter hits is also a great time to winterize your trees and shrubs. Some evergreens experience extreme moisture loss over the winter, which your local Lawn Doctor fall lawn care treatment prevents with the application of a special oil.

Fall Lawn Care Definition of Terms:

If you'd like to review the fall lawn maintenance tips and terminology, the green-bolded terms above are linked to the lawn care glossary page.

Fall Lawn Care for Every Yard

Lawn Doctor offers Lawn Maintainer Care programs to provide most lawns with the basics that they need as well as Lawn Custom Care service options to deal with more serious issues.

For Additional Information On Fall Lawn Care or Fall Lawn Maintenance, Contact Your Local Lawn Doctor:

Contact us for your FREE Fall Lawn Care Evaluation or call Your Local Lawn Doctor today at 1.800.845.0580 to find out more about fall lawn care.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lawn Doctor featured in Midlands Business Journal

Lawn Doctor was recently featured in the Midlands Business Journal in an article titled, "Five Questions with Lawn Doctor VP Scott Frith". The article talks of Lawn Doctor’s expansion plans in the Columbia area, with Scott letting potential franchisees know why Lawn Doctor is a solid franchising option because it’s recession resilient and its proven model has been in place for decades. A portion of the article is below and can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

Five Questions with Lawn Doctor VP Scott Frith

What areas in South Carolina are you targeting to open more Lawn Doctor locations?

Scott Frith:
We're targeting the Greenville area, where we'd like to open nine more locations. We currently have two there. We're also looking to open four more in Columbia, where we have three.

What do you want a potential franchisee to know about Lawn Doctor?

Scott Frith:
I would tell them don't think about it in terms of working on lawns, but as a business opportunity. Lawn care is something homeowners want, but don't want to do themselves. Whether it's the baby boomers who no longer want to take care of their yard, or the younger generations that have made a decision to outsource from the start, there is a demand in the market place for this service.

Lawn Doctor is a recession resistant business because of the embedded consumer demand, low price relative to the value, and recurring revenue. It's not a business where you have a product to go out and sell one customer at a time. This is a service that people will need year after year. Lawn Doctor has an 80 percent customer retention rate – and that's the best in this industry by far. Our franchisees are satisfying customers in the communities they serve. This also creates a referral base when neighbors see the results we can deliver.

What are the startup costs involved for investing in a Lawn Doctor franchise?

Scott Frith:
The initial investment for a Lawn Doctor franchise is $80,000. Lawn Doctor will finance half of the initial investment internally, so the franchisee needs a minimum of $40,000 liquid capital to get started.

Does a potential franchisee need any previous experience in lawn care to be successful with Lawn Doctor?

Scott Frith:

No. A franchisee does have to be a lawn care expert, rather be passionate about delivering a customer experience that keeps people coming back and talking to their friends about our brand. We have the tools that enable anyone to deliver our service in a consistent manner. This is true of our Web site where customers can buy online in 60 seconds, our patented application equipment that automates the distribution of materials or mobile in van technologies that enable us to maximize operational efficiency through better routing and resource planning. We have the solutions to help our franchisees become enterprise builders to capture share in their local markets.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lawn Doctor featured in Kane County Chronicle

Lawn Doctor was recently featured in the Kane County Chronicle. The article, written by Eric Schelkopf, describes the story of the Toths bringing Lawn Doctor to the Batavia-Aurora area. It mentions the Toths already have 20 customers and hope to have 30 by the year’s end, and explains how the husband-and-wife team manage the operation on a day-to-day basis. It goes on to explain the services Lawn Doctor provides and says the Toths plan to eventually open locations in Geneva and St. Charles. A portion of the article is included below and can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

Batavia residents expand Lawn Doctor franchise to area

Dan and Kim Toth wanted to switch to Lawn Doctor for their lawn care services when the Batavia couple discovered something – Lawn Doctor wasn’t serving customers in Batavia.

So in September, they decided to start a Lawn Doctor franchise in the Batavia-Aurora area, and already have more than 20 customers.

“It’s been going pretty well,” Kim Toth said. “Our goal is to have 30 customers by the end of the year.”

They are juggling the duties of running a business with raising three children. In addition, Dan Toth also has a job in the financial services industry. But it has been his dream to own his own business.

“It’s always something I’ve been interested in,” he said. “I wanted to have my own business, and not work for somebody else.”

He also understands the responsibility that comes with owning a business, including educating your customers. Dan Toth said that is a key goal of Lawn Doctor. Both Kim and Dan Toth have worked in customer service.

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