Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Watering: Keep Your Lawn and Your Life Green

Summer Watering: Keep Your Lawn and Your Life Green
When watering your lawn during the hot, summer months, there are two key factors you need to remember: amount of water and time of day.

Contrary to popular belief, your lawn needs only one to two inches of water per week—if properly applied—to maintain its health. To help determine how much water your lawn has received from manual watering as well as Mother Nature, you can place a rain gauge or shallow container in an area and monitor its level.

Additionally, watering your lawn in the early morning is best. The air temperature is at its lowest in the early morning, which will help avoid the water evaporating too quickly causing less absorption into the roots. The less that evaporates, the less water you’ll need to use. If early morning doesn’t fit your schedule, you can water during the late evening hours because the sun has already set.

Despite being tempted to water your lawn in small intervals throughout the day or week, it’s more beneficial to water less frequently and more deeply in order to penetrate the soil around the roots.

By following these simple tips, your lawn will get the proper water it needs to stay healthy through the summer heat.


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